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23.01.2018 Совет НАППАН обсудил в ПрофХолоде подготовку к общему собранию Ассоциации

Общее собрание НАППАН запланировано на март 2018

11.12.2017 Скидка 8% на сэндвич-панели до 31 декабря 2017 года

«ПрофХолод» объявляет полиуретановую распродажу

Архив новостей

History of the company

ProfHolod company was established in 2005. The first equipment for the manufacturing of polyurethane foam sandwich panels was the small press by the Italian company CANNON, allowing to make sandwich panels up to 2,5 meters long.

In September 2007, a press by SAIP (Italy) was installed to produce polyurethane foam sandwich panels up to 6,3 meters long.

In 2008, with the aim of identifying market needs, ProfHolod company conducted a marketing research involving 150 leading companies dealing in sandwich panel mounting. The outcome of the study was the development of a high-precision junction locking profile of tongue-and-groove type, meeting all the requirements of the present day market. The project was implemented in January 2010.

In March 2010 the plant was supplied with the equipment by SAIP company (Italy) which made it possible to produce the heat-insulating sandwich panels of polyurethane foam up to 9,3 meters long. Also, the section for the manufacturing of refrigeration doors was created.

equipment saip modern equipment our modern equipment

Year after year, ProfHolod’s products confirm their high quality. In 2009 and 2010 according to the results of the "AgroProdMash" exhibition, ProfHolod’s sandwich panels were awarded the "High quality product" diploma.

diploma ProfHoloddiploma ProfHolod


In April 2012, along with the other sandwich panel market leaders, ProfHolod became one of the founders of the National Association of polyurethane foam panel manufacturers (NAPPAN). http://www.nappan.ru

In august 2012, the second plant of ProfHolod company was put into operation. The most modern in Russia continuous automatic line PuMa (Italy), was installed at the plant. The line is able to produce wall and roofing sandwich panels with PUR and PIR insulator up to 15 meters long at the velocity of 15 meters per minute.

Opening of the new ProfHolod plant

New ProfHolod plant New ProfHolod plant New ProfHolod plant
New ProfHolod plant New ProfHolod plant New ProfHolod plant

ProfHolod company is interested in the development of new product types and in the increase of production volume. On this purpose, intense negotiations with foreign firms, manufacturing the same product type, are being conducted and also, the company is searching for partners and investors among foreign and Russian businessmen.

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