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23.01.2018 Совет НАППАН обсудил в ПрофХолоде подготовку к общему собранию Ассоциации

Общее собрание НАППАН запланировано на март 2018

11.12.2017 Скидка 8% на сэндвич-панели до 31 декабря 2017 года

«ПрофХолод» объявляет полиуретановую распродажу

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ProfHolod product catalogue

Door furniture

Прайс лист на фурнитуру

Technological doors

Технологические (технические) двери предназначены для ограждения дверных проемов в любых технологических, производственных помещениях, складах, офисах, на пищевых производствах, предприятиях торговли и питания и т.д.


Маятниковые двери предназначены для ограждения дверных проемов в любых технологических, производственных помещениях, складах, холодильных камерах, на пищевых производствах, предприятиях торговли и питания и т.д

Fireproof doors
Откатные противопожарные двери (ОД П) ПрофХолод предназначена для холодильных помещений с повышенными требованиями к пожарной безопасности, препятствует распространению огня и продуктов горения (дым и т.д.) из помещения. Двери укомплектованы надежной фурнитурой европейского производства.
Солнечные панели и комплектующие
PIR SLAB – energy-efficient insulator
Shaped profiles (flashings)
Wide range of shaped profiles (flashings) for the mounting of energy-effective buildings and refrigerating chambers made of sandwich panels. These items are manufactured from galvanized steel and are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and sizes. The assortment of shaped profiles includes: internal and external angles, flashings and channels. Custom design of the items is also possible.
Sandwich panels
Sandwich panels by ProfHolod are light and durable wall and roofing panels with the polyurethane foam PUR or fireproof polyisocyanurate PIR filler. They are widely used in civil and industrial construction (building of refrigerating chambers, warehouses, hangars, prefabricated buildings, “Canadian” technology houses). Sandwich panels are made of high-quality materials using modern industrial technologies. Different types of surface (metal, foil, OSB, plastic) are available for the manufactured panels.
Refrigeration doors
Heat-insulating doors are designed for refrigerating and freezing chambers, industrial facilities. Refrigeration doors by ProfHolod are made of own-manufactured polyurethane foam sandwich panels. Our product range includes hinged and sliding refrigeration doors. The doors are equipped with reliable European hardware and correspond to the highest functional and aesthetic requirements.
Refrigerating warehouses
Refrigerating warehouses are used in various branches of industry, where it is required to observe certain temperature conditions and hygienic safety such as, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical industries, vegetables and other alimentary products storage and treatment, etc. Refrigerating warehouses made of PUR, PIR sandwich panels are built in shortest time taking into consideration individual project particularities. We offer medium temperature and low temperature warehouses on turnkey basis: design, construction, refrigerating equipment selection.
Refrigerating chambers
Refrigerating chambers made of polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels are the optimal solution for storage of alimentary and other products requiring regulated temperature conditions. Our company offers refrigerating and freezing chambers of individual size, distinguished for high reliability level and assembling simplicity. All products are certified and produced according to modern technologies on European equipment (SAIP, PuMa).

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