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About company

ProfHolod company presentation

ProfHolod company is a progressive, actively developing manufacturing enterprise located in the town of Shelkovo, Moscow region.

The specialization of ProfHolod company is the manufacturing of:

  • sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam filling;
  • refrigerating chambers;
  • refrigeration doors;
  • shaped profiles (flashings).

The key to the success of ProfHolod company is a comprehensive approach which includes:

  • high professional level of the specialists;
  • high-tech equipment by European manufacturers;
  • continuous product improvement and enlargement of the products range;
  • work on individual request and size;
  • possibility to use "non standard" materials for the product manufacturing;
  • flexible pricing policy.

ProfHolod company’s offer includes:

  • high-quality certified products;
  • reliable, comfortable service;
  • clear lead time schedule of the order execution;
  • comfortable logistic system;
  • professional information support for the order at any stage (from calculation and design to installation).

We see as our goal to contribute to the creation in Russia of a high quality sandwich panel market and to increase the level of the consumer’s knowledge on the modern heat-insulating materials.

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We are convinced that only the production transparency and honesty with consumers are able to create a really high-quality product.


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