ProfHolod Goes for Polyester Independence


ProfHolod has become one of the first rigid PU makers in Russia to start producing its own polyester polyols.


The company - based about 40 km Northwest of Moscow - recently commissioned а plant from Sulingen, Germany-based H&S Anlagentecknik. The new plant has capacity over 2kT/уеаг and is based оп an H&S glycolysis technology.

ProfHolod is making its own polyols to reduce reliance оп imported raw materials and to guarantee their quality.

Danil Matasovis head of the company' polyols synthesis workshop . Не said: 'we have got not just а геасtог, but one of the most advanced polyester polyol plants in the world.

'Н&S technical solutions еnаЫе us to fully automate the synthesis process. H&S chemists and scientists helped us to set up all stages of production so that the product has reproducible quality.' The product meets international standards, he added .

Mila Skokova, H&S' product and sales manager said that this situation is 'currently unique.' lt is the second project involving ProfHolod and H&S. ln 2016, ProfHolod commissioned а polyol blending plant from the German company.


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